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Entrevista con Francesca Lollobrigida/ Interview with Francesca Lollobrigida

NAME Francesca Lollobrigida

AGE… 23
TEAM… X-Tech World
COACH…. Maurizio Lollobrigida
DOING SPEED SKATING SINCE….I was 14 months old
BEST RESULTS… woeld champion and winner of WX of Masstart 2014 (ICE)

Hi Francesca, thanks to collaborate with Rollertraing; we would like to know more about you…please tell us how did you start in this sport? 

I started thanks to my Dad,he was a skater too and he still has a world record on 50k since 1987. He put me the first skate at 14months and I have not taken them off.

How was the last European Championship in Gesisengen, are you happy with your results there?

Yes,of course. I was happy to skate again euros because last year I didnt skate it. But I was happy to have a very strong ladies against me.

Which is your aim in the next world championship in Rosario? The last years you achieved very important results in WC, so can you tell us who are the favourites this year? Have you seen any skater very strong this year in the different tournaments?

Last year i won 4 titles at world championship and this yeas is gonna be really hard to do it again. I will do all my best ,like always, and we wil see. The worlds in november is a little bit strange because I have already started the ice season. Im sure there will be a lot of stronger skaters against me.

What about your experience in ice skating? Can you tell us more about your experience with blades. Differences with roller skating, when you started, etc…; would you like to be olympic in this sport?

I really enjoy iceskating. I started a few year ago because in italy there are just 2 open tracks and very far from home. Its not easy to practice in that condition but its gonna be better year by year also between my two federation (inline and ice). I also skate the KPN Marathon cups in holland and its really funny. Im dreaming, like everyone, is to be olympic one day.

In inline skating, which are your favourites races? Elimination/points/1000….?

Its a hard choice because when i was junior I hated the points race and at senior I have won that race at the world championship. So its hard to say which race is my favorite, I can say that long distances are my favorite, but i enjoy also to skate the sprints.

About training, which are your favourite training session and which one you hate the most?

I love all kind of training and hate at the same time eheh its nice to feel the pain in your legs after a really hard and good training.

Can you explain us how is a regular season for you? How many sessons do you do? Do you ride bike? Do weight training?...

Its my secrets. Its a joke eheh! from april to october I have inline season (sometime I skate on ice 1 week in the summer) and from october to april I have ice season. I do atletics,weights,jumps,skate,bike,swimming and shopping!

We are very interested in knowing about High Performance program in Italian skating. Do you receive scholarship that afford you to do sport? Can you do both study/train without problem?

From the beginning my family is my support, my sponsor and my everything. From last year I have the airforce support, for ice and inline, but in italy this kind of support is just for olympic sports.

Your family is involved in this sport too, can you tell us more about it. Is it easier have a family that understand this sport or on the other hand is harder and perhaps the pressure is higher.

Its really important for me have my family by me side. My father is my coach, mom is my chef and my sister is my teammate.

What dou you think about inline skating in Spain?

In these years i could say that the inline in spain is growing.

One city… Roma
One food...( mom pizza )
One dream… skate forever ehhe


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